Great service and very informative. I don't know a lot about cars, but Raymond took the time to explain what needed to be fixed in my I needed an oil change and rear brakes to be done and Raymond was willing to do further inspection on all wheels. He repaired what was necessary on my toyota scion for it to run smoothy and safely. I really appreciate his expertise and dedication to serving his customers well.

Jessica B. - San Jose

Raymond does a great job with his customer's cars!!!
He explains all that he would do with the repairs in hidden agenda.
He shows all the parts that was changed and replaces original parts which would cost you a lot more at the dealer.
He is a honest human being,
We love you Raymond!!!

Douglas M. - San Leandro

He's done it again, go see Ray!

If you have a German car (or any auto for that matter) you need to bring it to see Ray! He's a magician and really knows his stuff. He has saved me twice, most recently he literally saved my engine. Why pay twice as much at the dealer when you have a mechanic who treats you as a friend that you can trust, knows as much if not more than the dealer, and charges way less for labor. A++ for this shop. I have been to many and lived all over the U.S. And this is my favorite shop hands down. Give it a try!

Billy C. - Alameda

More car transmission went out on my 85 300zx while on Shoreline Drive in Alameda. Not only was I able to call Raymond and have him walk me through what the issues may be, but he drove down from the shop to check it out himself and helped me push the car out of the way of traffic. I was able to tow it to his shop and he's in the process of having it rebuilt by a third party shop in San Leandro at a great price.

This is the type of relationship you want with your mechanic. Thanks Raymond!

J.C. - Alameda